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Tenders Before 25th November 2013
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SPMPT- 140-2013-14-Transformer Oil Testing Kits
SPMPT- 145/ 2013-14 Procurement of SMS gateway services for integration with APSPDCL software applications and ERPs
SPMPT- 144/ 2013-14 Establishing and implementation of ISO27001 including consultancy and certification for IT functions of APSPDCL
revised spec-131-13-14-100Sqmm AAA C
revised spec-128-13-14-55Sqmm AAA C
Spec - 143-2013-14 11KV LV Control Vacuum Circuit Breakers with CRPs
Spec - 142-2013-14 11KV Feeder Control VCBs with CRPs
SPMPT - 139-2013-14 chargers with batteries
spec-138 -13-14-T clamps for panther to dog
spec-137 -13-14-T clamps for panther
spec-136 -13-14-Pad Clamps for Panther Conductor
spec-135 -13-14 -11KVpolymer insulators C&T
Spec-134-13-14 Moving contacts for 33KV 800A
Spec-133-13-14 Fixed contacts for 33KV 800A
Spec - 123-2013-14 2 MVAR Capacitor Banks
Spec - 122-2013-14 11KV Metering Sets class 0.5S with 20-5A (Indoor)
Spec - 121-2013-14 11KV CTs 0.5 class 600-300-1-1-0.5775A
SPMPT-127-2013-14- Power Analisers
Spec - 124-2013-14 11KV PTs 3 phase class 0.5
Spec - 120-2013-14 11KV CTs 400-200-100-1-1A class 0.5 accuracy
Spec - 119-2013-14 11KV Feeder Control VCBs with CRPs
Spec - 118-2013-14 11KV LV Control Vacuum Circuit Breakers with CRPs
Spec - 117-2013-14 Three Phase LT CT Operated TVR Meters 200-5A (RAPDRP)
spec -141- 2013-14 -BOLTS AND NUTS 5 8 X346
Tender notice-7-13-14
spec-132 -12-13-33KV 800A Con. AB switches
spec-131-13-14-100Sqmm AAA C
spec-130-13-14-lt mETAL pARTS doc
spec-129 -13-14- LT XLPE SC Cable 185sqmm
spec-128-13-14-55Sqmm AAA C
SPMPT-126-2013-14- 8 MVA PTR
SPMPT-116- AMC of Computer appliances.
Spec -115-2013-14 - Cash counting machines
Spec -111-2013-14 - MS Flat 50x6mm
Spec -110 -2013-14 - MS Flat 75x8mm
Spec -109 -2013-14 - MS Angle 50x50x6mm.doc
Spec -108-2013-14 - MS Angle 65x65x6mm
Spec -107-2013-14 -Printing -IV 32-37,41-45
Spec -106-2013-14 -Stationery- III 22-31,38,39,40
Spec -105 -2013-14 - Stationery - II 12-21
Spec -104-2013-14 - Stationery - I 1-11
Spec - 102-2013-14 24V Indicating Lamps, Digital Voltmeter and Digital Ammeters
Spec - 101-2013-14 Numerical Protection relays 220.4KVAR, 293.3KVAR, 440.7KVAR
Spec - 100-2013-14 11KV Pole assembly with vacuum interrupters and 11KV vacuum interrupters
Spec - 99-2013-14 24V DC Trip Coils with plunger for various make VCBs
spec-98 -13-14-11KV Solic Core Insulators for abswitches
Spec -92-2013-14 -M.S.Channel 100x50 & 75x40mm
Spec - 90-2013-14 11KV Metering Sets class 0.5S with 40-5A & 5-5A
Spec - 89-2013-14 A3 INK JET Scanner cum Printer
Spec - 88-2013-14 Revised Mini Laptops with universal probe
Spec-97-13-14-33KV GI Pins doc
Spec-96-13-14-33KV Pin Insulators
SPMPT-94-2013-14-H.V. Brass Bushing Rods
SPMPT-93 -2013-14 - 40KVA DTRs
Spec-91-2013-14 -R.S.Joists150x150mm175x85mm
spec -85-2013-14 -G.I. Earth Pipes 40mm dia
spec -84 -2013-14 -C.I. Earth Pipes 80mm dia
Spec-83-13-14-55Sqmm AAA C
Spec-82-13-14-100Sqmm AAA C
Spec-80-13-14- 11KV XLPE UG Cable 3 x35
Spec-78 -13-14- LT XLPE SC Cable 95 120 150sqmm
Spec-79 -13-14- LT XLPE 3C Cable 95 120 sqmm
Spec - 71-2013-14 2 MVAR Capacitor Banks
Spec-76-13-14- 11KV Cable jointing kits
Spec-75 -13-14- copper control cable
SPMPT-87-2013-14- 100KVA DTRs - 5 Star
SPMPT-72-2013-14-5 MVA PTRs
Spec-74-13-14-3 core cable
Spec-73 -13-14-2c LT ab cable
SPMPT-70-2013-14- 100KVA DTRs
SPMPT-69-2013-14- 63KVA DTRs
Spec-68-13-14-Nylon bushes forr T.T and Flexible
Spec-67-13-14 Moving contacts for 11KV 200A conv, t.t, 400a
Spec-66-13-14 Fixed contacts for 11KV 200A conv, t.t, 400a
SPMPT-65-2013-14- PP Rope - 20 & 24, Manila rope
SPMPT-64-2013-14- LV & HV Oil seals
SPMPT-63-2013-14- LV & HV Metal parts
spec -62-2013-14 -33KV Top Fittings
spec -61-2013-14 - 33KV V Cross arms channel with clamps 75x8
spec -52-2013-14 - LT Single Phase 3 wire cross amrs with clamps
spec -51-2013-14 - LT Three Phase 4 wire cross amrs with clamps
spec -40-2013-14 - 11kv Top Fitting 9.1
spec -39-2013-14 - 11kv Top Fitting 8Mtrs
spec-60 -13-14-11KV 200A AB TILTING TYPE
spec-59-13-14-11KV 200A Con. AB switches
spec-58-13-14-11KV 400A Con. AB switches
spec-54 -13-14-Pad Clamps for Panther Conductor
spec-53 -13-14-11KV solid core insulators for HG fuse sets
Spec - 57-2013-14 33KV CTs of ratio 400-200-100-1-1-1A 0.5
Spec - 56-2013-14 33KV CTs of ratio 400-200-100-1-1A 0.5
Spec - 55-2013-14 11KV CTs 0.5 class 600-300-1-1-0.5775A
SPMPT-50-2013-14- Manila paper - 2 & 2.5Mill
SPMPT-49-2013-14- Rubberised Gasket strip-6mm
SPMPT-48-2013-14- Elephentoid sheet-4 & 6mm
SPMPT-47-2013-14- LVBrass Bush Rod - CSP & Con
Spec -44-13-14-Earth discharging rods
Spec -43-13-14-A type distribution boxes
Spec-42-13-14-Flexible jumpers for 11KV 200A
Spec - 46-2013-14 33KV VCB with CRP (24V)
Spec - 45-2013-14 11KV LV Control Vacuum Circuit Breakers with CRPs
Spec-38-13-14-LT GI Pins
Spec-37-13-14-11KV GI Pins
Spec - 32-2013-14 11KV PTs 3 phase class 0.5
Spec - 31-2013-14 33KV PTs Singe phase, class 0.2
SPMPT-35-2013-14- TC Fuse wire-14,16,18,20,21.33
Spec-30-13-14-HT Guy
Spec-29-13-14-LT Guy
Spec-28-13-14-LT shackle
SPMPT-27-2013-14-1.60mm DPC AL.WINDING WIRE
SPMPT-26-2013-14-1.25mm DPC AL.WINDING WIRE
Spec -34-2013-14 -11KV Cross arms 9.1 PSCC Poles
spec -33-2013-14 -11KV Cross arms Angle & Channel
Spec - 25-2013-14 33KV CTs 200-1A, 50-1A & 25-1A 0.2S class accuracy
Spec-24-13-14-LT Pin Insulators
Spec-23-13-14-11KV Pin Insulators
SPMPT-22-2013-14- 15KVA DTR
Spec-19 -13-14- three phase LT HG Fuse
spec-18 -13-14-11KV three phase HG Fuse
SPMPT-14-2013-14- 8 MVA PTR
Spec - 13-2013-14 Three Phase LT CT Operated TVR Meters 125-5A, 75-5A & 50-5A
Spec-9-2013-14 Batteries with out Chargers
spec -20-2013-14 -G.I.Stay Wire 7 3.15mm & 7 2.5mm
spec -15-2013-14 - HT-METER-BOXES
spec-21-2013-14 -G.I. Wire 4mm
spec-81-13-14- 33KV XLPE 3x400
spec-12-13-14-34Sqmm AAA C
Spec -06-2013-14 11KV CTs 400-200-100-1-1A class 0.5 accuracy
Spec -05-2013-14 11KV Feeder Control VCBs with CRPs
Spec-04 -13-14 -11KVpolymer insulators C&T
Spec-03 -13-14-lt METAL PARTS
Spec-02 -13-14-11KV c&t METAL PARTS
SPMPT-86-2013-14- 160KVA DTRs-5 star
SPMPT-08-2013-14- 315KVA DTRs
SPMPT-07-2013-14- 160KVA DTRs-3 star
Spec -11-2013-14 - anti theft bolts
Spec -10- 2013-14 -BOLTS AND NUTS 5 8 X3,46
SPMPT-01-2013-14-HV & LV Winding machine
Enquiry- Copper LV Strip for Repair of Theft - 16KVA & 25KVA
AmendmentSpec-96-12-13 : Procurement of three phase LT CT Operated Trivector Meters
Spec-120-12-13-Third Party Inspection
Spec-118-2012-13-Polycarbonate Seals
Currency Counting Machines with fake detection facility
SPMPT-119-12-13-25KVA Al.DTRs-3 star
Tender Notice-4-12-13
AMC of Computers and Network equipment of SPDCL
Spec-109-12-13-11KV Lightning Arrestors Station type
Spec-108-12-13-11KV Lightning Arrestors line type
Spec-107-12-13-11KV GI Pins doc
Spec-106-12-13-LT Pin Insulators
Spec-105-12-13-3 core
SPec-104-2012-13-Manila Rope
SPec-103-2012-13-P.P.Rope - 20mm
SPec-102-2012-13-P.P.Rope - 24mm
SPec-101-2012-13-H.V. Brass Bushing Rods
SPec-100-2012-13-LV Brass Bushing Rods for Conventional
SPec-99-2012-13-LV Brass Bushing Rods for CSP
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